I am almost always thinking about photography, when I am awake and sometimes when I'm asleep.

I see myself as a photographer, but work as an Ophthalmic Photographer, or Ophthalmic Science Practitioner as we are known in our Trust and I  specialize in Ocular Ultrasound.

Although I work in a digital imaging environment, I still choose to shoot with film. One day this might change, but for the present analog prevails, especially for my landscape work. I use film pushing it to its limits, shooting at night with longer than normal exposures.

Because I have a day job that pays the bills, I can create work around themes that inspires me. I share a passion for the environment alongside my photography, which has led me to creating works such as pitcoal, a series of landscape images taken at Kellingley colliery in 2013.          

Stephen Connell 2014

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